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Nannette Keller Boutique

Nannette Keller is the Nannette Keller customer. A busy mother, who refuses to surrender comfort for style, Nannette's collection of soft career dressing developed from the designer's frustration with existing trends. Her design philosophy cemented while commuting in constricting suits from Los Angeles to her home in Ojai. As Nannette tore off her panty hose and unzipped her tight skirt, she began to wonder about the logic of traditional garb for the busy, working woman. Keller promised herself that when she owned her own business, her collection would offer versatility and comfort, without sacrificing style.

Launched in 1993, the collection is casual, career dressing, with updated styling and careful attention to detail. Minimally structured and cut for comfort, Nannette's clothing has a European style with sophisticated fabrication and elegant finishing. Keller often creates her own fabrics and hues, which include patterned waffles, textured jerseys, and jacquard linens. She also designs and manufactures some of her own elaborate buttons.

The Nannette Keller Collection is available nationwide and available in better specialty and departments stores across the US.


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